Dr. Dirk Lazarus

Plastic, Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgeon

MBChB (UCT), FCS (SA) Plast & Recon Surg

Neck and Face Liposuction

Liposuction of the neck, under chin area and and lower face may be done on its own, typically in younger patients, or may be part of a more extensive facial rejuvenation procedure. The procedure may be combined with other procedures, frequently fat graftingeyelid surgery and/or facelift. Liposuction targets the fatty excesses.

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Liposuction of the neck, jawline, jowls and above the nasolabial fold

The procedure is relatively minimally invasive, performed under sedation as day case surgery in my own clinic. Local anaesthetic is given. I usually use 5 standard incisions (about 3 mm long), under each earlobe, in the crease under the chin and one on each side of the face. These leave an imperceptible scar. The fat is removed through fine cannulae using syringes to provide suction (liposculpture). Fat removal enhances the concavity of the neck and tightens the skin. The lower face and neck respond particularly well to liposuction giving a pleasing neck contour.

The fat obtained from liposuction is extremely useful as your own stem cell rich filler material and I will almost always encourage patients to use this fat for further facial improvement – see fat grafting.

Following the procedure, you will be transferred to the ward to recover. You will be discharged later the same day with pain medication although this is not a particularly painful procedure. You may also be given a neck band for support which should be worn for a week post-operatively. You can remove the band when lying down. Bruising will last about a week or maybe a little longer. Complications can include nerve or vessel damage, but fortunately these are very rare.

Neck and face lipo will give you a permanent improvement in your appearance.

Before and after neck liposuction.

Before and after neck liposuction

Before and after neck liposuction, male patient.

Before and after neck liposuction, male patient.

Before and after neck liposuction.

Before and after neck liposuction.


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