Dr. Dirk Lazarus

Plastic, Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgeon

MBChB (UCT), FCS (SA) Plast & Recon Surg

The top 3 before and after pictures are not of my own patients. They demonstrate the results obtainable with Dermapen.

The bottom picture is my patient. Before and 4 months after Botox and treatment with medical needling.

Skin Resurfacing

Skin resurfacing is a minor procedure to improve the appearance of fine wrinkles. The principle behind all resurfacing is to damage the deeper layer of the skin, the dermis, which then heals with new, refreshed and more orderly arranged collagen fibres. This new dermis has a rejuvenated and smoother appearance. Resurfacing is sometimes an option for fine crepe lines which typically occur around the mouth and eyes and elsewhere on the face.

Traditional resurfacing techniques – dermabrasion, chemical peel and laser – remove the outer layer of skin and have a longer recovery time. Lasers can be associated with prolonged redness and even burns. Modern resurfacing techniques use various techniques to make multiple small puncture holes in the skin to cause the dermal damage. This can be done with Fraxel laser or with some form of skin needling, either with a roller or with a Dermapen.

The Dermapen is a device like a medical tattoo gun. It has multiple needles (12) which are very fine and which penetrate the skin to a depth of 0.5-2 mm depending on the setting. The needles vibrate up and down causing multiple penetrations every second. The procedure is performed after the application of topical anaesthetic to the face. This makes the face numb enough so that the needle penetrations are not painful. Currently I have a nurse in my practice who performs these Dermapen treatments. The process is a walk in walk out procedure and takes about 90 minutes with the application of the cream and leaving it time to work. Redness lasts a few days and is usually not severe. Some swelling and bruising can occur. Usually 3 treatments are recommended about 6 weeks apart, but the regimen can be varied according to patient needs.

Sometimes, with facelift, I will do a peri-oral chemical peel (around the mouth). The Dermapen is unsuitable as I make ink marks on the face for the surgery and I don’t want to cause the ink to penetrate the skin. I use dilute trichloracetic acid (TCA) which I paint on until the skin frosts (turns white). With healing the skin will go red and peel similar to a sunburn after which you will be left with a smoother, better quality skin.


I’m a 30 year old flight attendant with previously AA cup size, I’ve always wanted Brest augmentation since the age of 19 when i knew my breast weren’t gonna grow any further. Anyway I’m based in the Middle East and initially wanted to do my surgery in Thailand but change my mind last minute and started researching plastic surgeons in Cape town, where I’m from. I thought it’s much better if im home with family and surrounded my people that can help me in my initial recovery period, Dr Dirks page popped up and I immediately emailed him, he replied almost instantly and I was very impressed. I then delt with Anneli the secretary over the last few months before my face to face consultation with Dr Dirk and she answered all my nervous questions via email, everyone was so professional and really helpful. Got my three weeks vacation holiday and did my surgery about two weeks ago and never looked back. Dr Dirk and his team are absolutely fantastic!!!! I couldn’t be more happy with my 300cc choice and dont regret a single moment, this is the best gift I’ve bought myself! I can’t wait for the final result and show off my new boobies … Thank you Dr Dirk, Anelli, Danni and Elmari for such fabulous service and for taking such good care of me. Will definitely be recommending this surgery to all my flight attendant friends back in the Middle East !!!!

Breast Augmentation