Dr. Dirk Lazarus

Plastic, Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgeon

MBChB (UCT), FCS (SA) Plast & Recon Surg

Breast Reduction

If you are uncertain as to which breast procedure(s) might be right for you then have a look at my page on breasts.

A breast reduction is indicated when your breasts are too large. This may cause symptoms such as back ache, neck ache, shoulder strain, rashes underneath your breasts and psycho-social problems. Large breasts may interfere with your ability to exercise, find suitable clothing and to feel socially confidant. A breast reduction will not only reduce the size of your breasts and help alleviate your symptoms, but also lift your breasts and improve their shape. It is one of the most successful procedures, associated with a very high degree of patient satsisfaction. It is a life changing procedure.

I perform most breast reductions as day case surgery (in and out the same day) in my own, private facility. I use women anaesthetists who will use a deep sedation. This will be supplemented with local anaesthesia. You will be asleep, pain-free and unaware at the time of surgery and you will have a quick recovery.

While many of my breast reductions in the past were done through an anchor incision, increasingly I am using a short scar technique which leaves simply a lollipop scar (sometimes with a small horizontal component in the crease underneath the breasts). Tissue is mainly removed from the lower breasts and all breast reductions involve lifting of the breasts too. The surgery takes about 3 hours.

At the end of surgery, the wounds are closed with dissolving sutures, tape is placed over the cuts and a dressing is applied. Drains are infrequently used to remove excess blood and fluid. Drains will be removed a day or two after surgery.

After surgery, you will be transferred to the ward and once we are satisfied with your condition you will be discharged home. Painkillers will be prescribed for post-operative pain. Bruising and swelling will last about 2-3 weeks and once this has subsided, you can resume your normal activities. It does take a few weeks or months for the breasts to settle into their new shape. Breast reduction usually provides a permanent reduction in size and allows you to live a more normal life. Breast reduction is associated with very high degrees of patient satisfaction.

I Was in the Most Safe and Caring Hands

I chose Dr Lazarus for my breast reduction as I knew from my first consultation that I was in the most safe and caring hands. The centre itself is wonderfully unique in creating an intimate and safe environment. Dr Lazarus and his staff are like a family and I felt very well cared for. The operation was a huge success and I’m very happy with the results. I highly recommend Dr Lazarus for his skilful, professional and caring approach to his craft.


Just wanted to thank the terrific team who made K so happy.

She is a different person and glowing with inner confidence which she so lacked before. Her whole experience has been so positive.


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Yes “they” are fabulous!! Very much wanted and admired. B can’t stop drooling….

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