Dr. Dirk Lazarus

Plastic, Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgeon

MBChB (UCT), FCS (SA) Plast & Recon Surg

About My Facility

I consult and operate in my own ambulatory plastic surgery clinic, Tranquillity clinic.

  • Accredited by the Department of Health
  • One operating theatre, two recovery beds
  • Modern equipment, carefully maintained, serviced and updated
  • Air quality in theatre surpasses statutory requirements
  • Fully qualified caring staff

My clinic has a number of advantages over the major hospitals:

1. The team My staff have been with me a long time and are specialized in looking after cosmetic surgery patients. They understand my requirements and your needs. They will offer a level of nursing care second to none. You will receive a nurse to patient ratio higher than in a major hospital. My staff will not view you differently because you are having cosmetic surgery.

2. Cleanliness, hygiene Because we only perform clean plastic surgery cases in my operating theatre we have a negligible infection rate and do not experience the problems of MRSA or other hospital-acquired infections. We have no superbugs or MRSA.

3. Fixed billing for procedures Unlike the major hospitals we do not bill you by the minute for theatre time. By the minute billing causes surgeons to rush to keep costs down. I don’t need to operate against the clock. Further you will know beforehand what your account will be. We do not bill for every little swab, needle, etc.

4. Early mobilisation This lowers the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT), the number one cause of death in cosmetic surgery. We have strict criteria which need to be met before you can be discharged, but because of the way surgery is done, the quality of the anaesthesia and post operative care, we will get you out of bed sooner rather than later.

5. Discretion, privacy My clinic offers a level of discretion and privacy that you will not receive in a major hospital. My staff are acutely aware of the importance of maintaining patient confidentiality.


  1. I have limited parking.
  2. I do not do major surgery on children in my facility
  3. Limited resources: colleagues, intensive care and the like would require a transfer to one of the two major hospitals in the area. You would still remain under my care.

Over 80% of cosmetic surgery in the US is now performed in ambulatory surgical clinics such as mine. Their benefits and safety are well established. Large studies have been done which have been published in peer review journals attesting to the benefits and superiority of an ambulatory surgical facility for cosmetic surgery patients.


Just a quick thank you to all the staff – felt in safe professional and caring hands from the moment I walked through the door this morning.

Just wanted to thank the terrific team who made Kathleen so happy.

She is a different person and glowing with inner confidence which she so lacked before. Her whole experience has been so positive.